Alpine Recreation Ventures LLC
Alpine Recreation Ventures LLC's sole focus is to partner with Mountain Resorts to bring exciting activities to their visitors. Specifically, we partner with Mountain Resorts to acquire mountain coasters, alpine slides and ziplines. These activities have been shown to be very popular with both the skiing/riding and non-skiing/riding public. They have also proven to be profitable to their operators.

There are many benefits of creating a four-season business at Mountain Resorts, including:

  • Generating revenue and profit in the non-snow seasons
  • Retaining key employees year-round
  • Leveraging existing winter infrastructure (i.e. lodges, lifts, & lodging)
  • Providing a hedge against a poor snow season

Alpine Recreation Ventures LLC partners with Mountain Resorts to quickly bring proven, "E ticket" activities to their visitors. We utilize a Revenue Sharing structure with the following attributes:

  • Alpine Recreation Ventures acquires the equipment using our own in-house capital
  • Alpine Recreation Ventures and the Mountain Resort each finance half of the installation costs
  • The Mountain Resort installs, staffs, operates & maintains the equipment
  • Revenues are shared on a negotiated basis
  • The Mountain Resort receives an option to buy out Alpine Recreation Ventures after an agreed-upon time and at an agreed-upon price

Our Revenue Sharing structure provides the following benefits to our Mountain Resort partners:

  • Low upfront capital investment
  • High internal rates of return (IRR) on capital investment
  • Increased visitor traffic and ancillary revenues (i.e. food & beverage, lodging, other activities, etc)
  • Mountain Resort has the option to own the equipment and all of the revenues & profits outright after five years
A mountain coaster, alpine slide or zipline can be a great addition to your Mountain Resort's activity offerings. Alpine Recreation Ventures' Revenue Sharing structure is a fast and profitable way to get these activities installed at your Mountain Resort with low upfront capital investment.

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